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How do we do this?


  • Guaranteed Results and Proven Track Record.  Just ask our clients.  PAMI stands out from other medical billing companies because we guarantee our results.  Our guarantee protects you from timely filing mistakes and poor billing efforts.  On average, our clients increase collections by 10-20% while lowering their cost of billing compared to either in-house or other medical billing services.


  • A Complete Medical Billing and Practice Management Solution.  We offer an extensive and comprehensive end-to end medical billing service that simplifies every step of the practice management process.  PAMI Provides a complete solution that includes all elements of claim submission and follow-up, a practice management system including registration and scheduling, electronic health records software, around the clock access to you billing data and patient records, and easy to use dashboard reports.  Our services will accelerate your collections and streamline your workflow, freeing up your staff to focus on any number of other tasks.


  • Proven Process.  Each and every single claim goes through a rigorous 5 point check with 5 different medical specialist to ensure accuracy and prevent errors.  Your claim is then submitted to a mock clearing house to see if there are any errors.  This allows us to fix any errors before they are rejected ensuring your claim goes through clean the first time.


  • Superior Technology. PAMI partners with Cerner PowerWorks® to provide a world class practice management software and CCHIT Certified EHR/EMR at no additional cost!  Cerner PowerWorks EHR/EMR leverages partnerships such Mayo Clinic, Research Institute of Chicago,  Shriners Children’s Hospital , and John Hopkins to develop content and workflow.  With over 35,000 providers and 3,000 practices using Cerner PowerWorks, this ensures you are partnering with a company that is not only viable in this economy, but relevant in clinical workflow and processes.


  • Easy to Use and Always Accessible. Our user-friendly practice management system and EHR/EMR is web-based, so it is always accessible from your office computer or your laptop. All you need is the internet and you will have complete and total access to all of your billing information and patient records at any time and from anywhere you want!