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Jacksonville, FL 32207

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What about my patient’s confidentiality?

All the incoming information to PAMI is handled with the strictest confidentiality code of conduct.


Who will pick the super bills?

We will pick up super-bills from your office as many times as needed, review them for accuracy and complete

information before data is transmitted electronically.


Where do the insurance payments go?

Payments are sent directly to your office. PAMI works directly from the EOB to post all payments.


How will I know what’s happening with my practice?

PAMI provides you with a customized Practice Month End Reports that will allow you to evaluate the status of your

account receivables in just minutes a week.

Where do patients call for billing questions while PAMI is handling the billing?

PAMI will answer all the patients questions. We handle all billing inquiries and free your staff from this time

consuming responsibility.

What happens if a patient’s insurance company does not accept electronic claims?

PAMI will print a HCFA 1500 and mail it directly to the insurance carrier.